are dominos anchovies good

Are Domino’s anchovies good?

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It is difficult to determine whether Domino’s offers good quality anchovies, as quality can vary greatly depending on the source and processing of the anchovies.

Some pizza shops may use high-quality anchovies that are carefully cured and packed in oil, while others may use lower-quality anchovies that may be less flavorful or have a less desirable texture.

It is worth noting that anchovies are a divisive ingredient, and some people may not enjoy them regardless of their quality. It is important for a pizza shop to use anchovies that they believe will provide the best overall flavor and texture for their pizzas.

If a customer has any concerns about the quality of the anchovies being used, they may want to ask the shop about the source of their anchovies or consider trying a pizza with a different topping.