can dominos drivers see tips

Can Domino’s drivers see tips?

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It depends on the specific delivery service or restaurant that is being used.

Some delivery services and restaurants may allow the delivery driver to see the tip amount at the time of delivery, while others may not.

In some cases, the delivery driver may be able to see the tip amount on a receipt or other documentation provided by the restaurant.

In other cases, the tip may be processed separately from the order and the driver may not have access to this information.

It is worth noting that the ability for the delivery driver to see the tip amount may depend on the system or technology being used by the restaurant or delivery service.

Some systems may allow the driver to see the tip amount, while others may not.

If you have concerns about whether the delivery driver will be able to see the tip amount, it is a good idea to check with the restaurant or delivery service directly to find out their policies.