dominos can i tip online

Can I tip Domino’s online?

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The short answer is yes you can.

Due to health concerns starting in 2020, Domino’s like many other establishments began using contactless methods. This means you can pay and tip without direct contact with other person such as the delivery person.

In order to add a tip, select pre-tip after choosing your preferred payment method. This is all done on the website or app you used to place the order.

Most places also accept your credit card information over the phone. This is my preferred method. It takes a few extra seconds but saves any hassle at the door.

Just be sure to use a credit card and NOT a debit card if you are reading the numbers to someone over the phone. This way you can easily dispute any suspicious charges later down the road.

And finally one last tip for you is to try to have someone else pay all together. If you click the banner below you might be able to get your hands on a prepaid Visa card. Even if the food is now paid for you, don’t forget to tip!