will domino's accept checks

Will Domino’s accept checks?

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If you’re like most people these days you may not always keep cash on hand. Credit cards are the most frequently used source for currency. But what if you want to pay for your next Domino’s order with a check? Will they accept a personal check? Do they have to?

Domino’s is not required to accept personal checks as payment. Each store location decides what forms of payment they will take. This is because they are franchises meaning they are run by different people. The decision of one owner does not directly affect another.

The best option is to call the particular store you plan on ordering from to confirm. You want to avoid any issues with payment before you place an order.

You can also think outside the (pizza) box and consider other forms of payment. PayPal could be another option but remember there’s a small fee per transaction. I think it won’t be long before most places accept PayPal, Venmo, and even cryptocurrency.

Good for you for knowing how to write a check in the 21st century! But there may be an even better option still. Clicking the image below will let you get a Visa gift card you could use at Domino’s and other pizza places. Put your checkbook away and enjoy.