will dominos ever have stuffed crust

Will Domino’s ever have stuffed crust?

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There are a few potential reasons why some pizza restaurants offer crust stuffed with cheese while others do not.

One reason could be that the restaurant has chosen to offer stuffed crust as a way to differentiate itself from competitors and offer a unique product.

Stuffed crust pizza may also be perceived as a premium or luxury option, and a restaurant may choose to offer it in order to appeal to customers who are willing to pay a higher price for a more indulgent menu item.

Another reason why some restaurants may not offer stuffed crust could be that it is not a popular menu item in their particular market.

The restaurant may have determined that there is not enough demand for stuffed crust pizza to justify the cost of offering it.

Additionally, some restaurants may not offer stuffed crust due to operational or logistical considerations, such as the added time and labor required to prepare the crust or the need for specialized equipment.