will dominos make a crustless pizza

Will Domino’s make a crustless pizza?

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It is not uncommon for pizza shops to offer a crustless pizza option, also known as a “pizza with a cauliflower crust” or a “pizza with a lettuce wrap crust.”

The availability of this option at Domino’s varies based on location. The best option is to contact your local Domino’s restaurant directly as there is no one answer nationwide.

This type of pizza is typically made with a crust made from cauliflower or lettuce instead of traditional wheat-based dough. The crustless pizza is often marketed as a lower-carbohydrate or gluten-free option for customers who are following a specific diet or have dietary restrictions.

However, not all pizza shops offer a crustless pizza, and it may not be a widely available option at every restaurant. It is best to check with the specific pizza shop or restaurant to determine whether they offer a crustless pizza and to ask about any additional ingredients or modifications that may be available.