what is a waitress book called?

What a waitress book is called (Industry Lingo)

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The name of the booklet that a waitress uses to write down someone’s order is typically called an “order pad” or a “check presenter.”

The order pad is a small booklet that the waitress carries with her while taking orders from customers. It usually has a list of the menu items and prices, and the waitress uses it to write down the items that the customer has ordered.

The order pad may also have a section for the waitress to make notes or special requests made by the customer, such as allergies or dietary restrictions.

Once the order has been written down on the order pad, the waitress typically takes it to the kitchen to place the order.

The check presenter is a booklet that the waitress uses to present the bill to the customer at the end of the meal. It usually includes a summary of the items ordered, the total amount due, and any applicable taxes or fees.