How many slices is Papa Johns medium pizza

How many slices is Papa John’s medium pizza?

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Pizza is a dish that is loved by many for its versatility. You can get it in different sizes, toppings and crusts. However, there are many who argue that the different sizes of pizzas are not equal in terms of quantity. This article talks about the differences between pizza sizes to help you make a decision on what size to order next time you crave for some pizza.

The answer is 5 slices of pizza in a medium size pizza.

The first thing to discuss is the difference between a personal size and a large size. A personal size pizza has a diameter of 10 inches while a large one has 12 inches in diameter. The difference between the two is 2 inches which is close to 7% more than what you would get if you ordered a personal sized pizza.

The next difference we will talk about are pan pizzas and deep dish pizzas respectively. While both have similar crust thicknesses, they differ when it comes to their diameters.