How do you reheat a frozen Pizza Hut pizza

How to reheat a frozen Pizza Hut pizza

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When reheating a frozen Pizza Hut pizza, the key is heat source. I strongly recommend the use of an oven. It doesn’t have to be a fancy brick pizza oven. A standard residential oven will do just fine.

Please note that a convection oven will work too. My microwave is also a convection oven. I use the microwave feature for quick reheating of most meals. But the convection feature is used for anything that I need to make crispy. This includes fries, wings, and pizza.

In addition to the heat source, there are some tactics involved. The biggest one is placing the pizza directly on the rack. Avoid using a sheet pan as it won’t let the heat crisp up the crust as well. Pizza is also known to stick to the pan anyway, so just avoid.

That’s pretty much it. But to be fair, the best kind of pizza is fresh. Reheating frozen pizza will never be as satisfying as a fresh slice. I recommend you click the image below and treat yourself to a new pizza.