Is Papa John's expensive

Is Papa John’s expensive? (Do this instead)

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Papa John’s is a national brand and with that comes a lot of overhead. That can make their prices higher than your local pizza place.

But most people don’t mind when they also realize they are paying only a little more for a high quality product. When you order from Papa John’s, you’re sure its going to be good. Sometimes the local places are inconsistent.

It’s true you get what you pay for. There’s a reason they mention their better ingredients in their slogan. They are not a discount pizza joint.

When you really think about it, Papa John’s is not that expensive. They have to compete with other national brands like Pizza Hut too. This competition helps keep their prices down.

Here’s a way to avoid paying a premium. Before your next order, click the image below. You might be able to pay for your pizza just by entering your email address. Who wouldn’t want a prepaid Visa card if it’s that easy to get? Enjoy the pizza!