How do I make my pizza bottom crispy

How to make your pizza bottom crispy (The Easy Way)

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When it comes to pizza, there are truly countless styles and toppings.

But one universal truth is that a crispy crust is a must. How to get the bottom of your pizza nice and crispy is fairly simple. The easy way I have tried and perfected calls for the use of your oven or at least a convection oven.

Avoid the use of your microwave at all cost. There really is no way to obtain the level of crispiness you’re looking for with a microwave. Instead, you’ll be left with a soggy crust.

Now that you have the proper heat source, the secret is to place the pizza directly on the rack. Do not put the pizza on a sheet pan or any other barrier. This allows the heat to touch the crust directly and crisp it.

A bonus tip is to place the sheet pan under the rack to catch dipping grease or cheese. Again, the pizza doesn’t touch the sheet.

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